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Written by Justine Aka

The small people within us

How does our body work? How do our organs work? Have you ever imagined tiny people in your body taking care of its proper functioning? Seeing the illustrations by Enkel Dika might remind you of your own childhood imaginations. Enkel Dika has illustrated various pictures showing the human anatomy being run by small people within them. This picture called “extraordinary observer” shows a person living within the eye using a telescope to observe the outside world through the lens.

Macedonian artist Enkel Dika is well-known for illustrating Threadless t-shirts. Objects of his illustrations differ, but often the element of pop art can be recognized throughout his artwork. If you look carefully you can find messages hidden within his illustrations about life and society.

More artwork by Dika can be seen on his Flickr page. One of them, for example, showing a tree rooted within the human heart, tended to by a gardener. The heart, being our pump necessary for living, is compared to the rooted “tree of life” as so often described in various theologies, philosophies and mythologies.

Extraordinary Observer
Extraordinary Observer
(Image by: Enkel Dika)

Tags: anatomy, childhood, Imagination, Eye, Heart

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