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Written by Justine Aka

Skeleton Bike

This skeleton is fully integrated in the bicycle. When turning the handlebar the skeletons head and upper limbs even follow the movement.

Some websites refer to this bicycle as scary or ghost like. However, I’d like to think of it as an excellent tool to do some last minute anatomy revision on your way to your exam. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t love to have a skeleton accompanying you everywhere, allowing for some osteology revision on the go?! An eye-catcher, not only in the Dutch cycle heaven.

Multiple websites have presented this very interesting design, stating it was designed by Eric Tryon. However, the website often referred to as his portfolio seems to be out of order. Eric Tryon will, for now, stay unknown to us. Thank you for a splendid invention, Mr Eric Tryon!

Skeleton Bicycle
Skeleton Bicycle
(Image by: Eric Tryon)

Tags: Bones, skeleton, osteology, bicycle, design, on-the-go

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