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Written by Justine Aka

Felted Anatomy

Dan Beckemeyer created these astonishing, dynamic combinations of illustration and felted art on handmade abaca paper. The illustrations showing the skeleton, the felt muscles and vessels. Presenting a 2D impression of the bony skeleton combined with a 3D presentation of the human body’s soft structures. It allows the viewer a deeper impression and insight into the natural materials and different textures of the body and their relationships with each other. Dan named his anatomy series “systems”.

Little can be found about Dan Beckemeyer and his work. A graphic designer by profession, he lives in Belleville, Illinois, USA. His portfolio can be found on Behance.

dan beckemeyer 2

dan beckemeyer 3

Felted Anatomy
Felted Anatomy
(Image by: Dan Beckemeyer.)

Tags: upper limb, pelvis, Illustration, thorax, musculoskeletal, Felting

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