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Written by Justine Aka

Exploration of the human body.

Danny Quirks artworks can be found all over the web. For his fans who can’t get enough of his paintings, and for the small minority of people who haven’t seen him yet, here the celebrated drawings by Danny Quirk and a fantastic video showing the creation of his body paintings.

The pictures posted here are just two of many mind-blowing watercolour paintings from the series “self-dissections. revealing the inner self”. Danny Quirk produced these in his senior year of a study towards becoming a medical illustrator at Pratt Institute, New York, USA.

In a further attempt of exploration and uncovering of what’s lying underneath our skin, Danny Quirk chose a medium for a better 3D understanding of the human anatomy: Body Painting. The video by Christopher Macken shows the creation of one of Danny Quirks incredibly detailed pieces of anatomy art on the human body.

Enjoy and be in awe of these beautiful insights into the human body!

“Quirk has lifted the detailed and highly intricate traditional scientific drawings from the realms of textbooks. From the deep musculature of the back, to the mysterious grey folds of the human brain, Quirk's artwork strips back the human form to a sum of its parts. While it may not be everyone's cup of tea, to have the internal organs suddenly out for everyone to see, it's certainly a reminder that on the inside we much more similar that we'd like to believe.” on 10th January 2013

More information and illustrations can be seen (and bought) on Blogspot, Tumblr, Facebook and Behance.

DannyQuirk Back Dissection

“Lateral Trunk Dissection”, watercolour, 11”x14”
“Lateral Trunk Dissection”, watercolour, 11”x14”
(Image by: Danny Quirk)

Tags: exposed, serratus anterior, Watercolours, body painting, medical illustration, trunk, back, vertebral column, external oblique, spinal cord

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