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Written by Justine Aka

Ballet and Anatomy

The PROMETHEUS anatomy atlas by the German publishing group THIEME might be familiar to you from studying anatomy.

This year together with The Stuttgart Ballet company a special advertising campaign was planned for the PROMETHEUS anatomy atlas. In June 2013 four of their principle dancers (Alicia Amatriain, Anna Osadcenko, Marijn Rademaker, and Jason Reilly) were photographed by the ballet company’s own photographer Bernd Weissbrod. Afterwards illustrator Karl Wesker from Thieme applied the anatomy of the musculoskeletal system to these photos. The muscles are presented very subtle, showing the unity of the muscles with the dancers’ body and movement.

One of the dancers, Marijn Rademaker, said: "We were very curious which muscles the illustrator would expose, and especially to see what it looks like under the skin.” “The results are really fascinating."

Thieme subsequently revealed seven of these over multiple weeks on their Facebook page. The text on the posters says “PROMETHEUS. Schöner Lernen.” This translates to English as “Learn More Beautiful” or “Beautiful Studying”. Through advertising these dynamic and elegant posters Thieme expresses how sexy studying medicine can be –and seduce you to learn anatomy.

You can see more posters and download these for free as wallpapers on their (German-) website.



Ballet and Anatomy
Ballet and Anatomy
(Image by: Bernd Weissbrod & Karl Wesker (Thieme))

Tags: Illustration, Ballet, Musculoskeletal System, Photography

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