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Written by Justine Aka

Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo – Anatomical Illustrations

Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo, born in Vina del Mar, Chile, works and lives in Spain. He studied graphic design and cinema studies. Since 2007 he works as a freelance illustrator.

Alvaro Tapias Illustrations are powerful, expressive and intense works of art. These can seem gruesome and cruel, or friendly and happy. All of his illustrations shine with dynamic and colourful collage-like motives. The composition is moving, making the motives come alive and catching the viewer’s eye. Faces can look as if they were pulled apart and then put back together in a new arrangement. This pulling apart-putting back together is showing us a multisided view of man.

Alvaro Tapia dedicated a whole series of works to the human anatomy. The anatomy of the head and neck, or the spine, illustrated in bright colourful and dynamic compositions.

In an interview with InPrint Magazine (p. 76-78) Alvaro said: “I like to discover beauty in the grotesque. I’m fascinated by the bodie’s anatomy, the flesh, the muscles and bones. I like what is ambiguous, contradictory, disturbing.”

Alvaros illustrations are created on the computer and finished off by adding watercolours to the picture.



Anatomical Illustrations
Anatomical Illustrations
(Image by: Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo)

Tags: spine, Illustration, Watercolours, Head and Neck

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